Tuition Payments

The enrollment fees for students who have graduated from another university or have completed a master’s program at another graduate school in the 2019 academic year have been partially revised.
Until now, the enrollment fee was 200,000 yen for both the master's and doctoral program, but it has been reduced to 100,000 yen.

Graduate School of Humanities * The amounts for the 2023 academic year are shown below.

  Graduated from a Faculty of Fukuoka University Completed a Fukuoka University Graduate School program Graduated from another university or completed another graduate school program Notes
Master's Program Doctoral Program Master's Program Doctoral Program Master's Program Doctoral Program
Enrollment Fee 100,000 yen 100,000 yen 0 yen 0 yen 100,000 yen 100,000 yen Paid only in the year of enrollment
Tuition Fee 470,000 yen 400,000 yen 470,000 yen 400,000 yen 470,000 yen 400,000 yen Paid every year
Education Enhancement Fee 120,000 yen 120,000 yen 120,000 yen 120,000 yen 120,000 yen 120,000 yen
Levy 3,000 yen 3,000 yen 3,000 yen 3,000 yen 18,100 yen 18,100 yen
Sub Total 593,000 yen 523,000 yen 593,000 yen 523,000 yen 608,100 yen 538,100 yen
Total 693,000 yen 623,000 yen 593,000 yen 523,000 yen 708,100 yen 638,100 yen  

* Tuition fees, excluding enrollment fees, are paid twice a year for both the master's and doctoral programs.

The following support systems are available to reduce the financial burden.

Scholarship Program

There are scholarships offered by Fukuoka University exclusively and scholarships offered by Japan Student Services Organization, as well as scholarship systems run by local governments and private organizations.
These scholarships include a “loan-type scholarship”, with an obligation to repay the funds, and a “benefit-type scholarship”, with no obligation to repay the funds. The conditions are different for each, and so you must confirm what type of scholarship it is beforehand.

  • Fukuoka University’s Exclusive Scholarship System
  • Japan Student Services Organization’s Scholarship System

Fukuoka University’s Exclusive Scholarship System

(1) Doctoral Program Scholarships for the Doctoral Programs at Fukuoka University Graduate School, as well as the Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
A loan-type with no obligation to repay the funds

With the purpose of increasing the desire to study, this system provides benefits to graduate students who are outstanding academically and face difficulty in completing their doctoral program or the entire doctoral program. As a mandatory condition in order to qualify for the application, you must be employed or examined by a special researcher (DC1 or DC2) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Application Period No. of Accepted Applicants Amount of Benefits
Early April A few people Amount equivalent to the annual tuition fees at your graduate school

(2) Fukuoka University Graduate School’s Scholarship for Personal Expenses of International Students

A scholarship system with the aim of fostering excellent international students and increasing their desire to study by providing scholarships to privately financed foreign graduate students with the resident status of “Student” who have an outstanding academic track record and struggle financially.

Application Conditions Those who meet the qualifications stipulated in the scholarship guidelines
No. of people to receive benefits Up to 12 people
Amount of Benefits Master’s program ...40,000 yen per month
Doctoral program or entire doctoral program...65,000 yen per month

(3) Fukuoka University Graduate School’s Studying Abroad Scholarship

A system that aims to foster advanced research abilities and abundant academic knowledge through providing scholarships to graduate students of Fukuoka University who are undertaking a study abroad program approved by the General Post Graduate Committee, and who are studying abroad for half a year or a year or more at a foreign graduate school or research institute that Fukuoka University has not signed an exchange student agreement with.

Application Conditions ・Must be recognized as being particularly necessary in terms of education, and must study abroad under the direction of an academic supervisor.
・Must possess a letter of invitation from a host graduate school or research institute.
No. of People to Receive Benefits A few people
Amount of Benefits Study abroad for one year or more: 300,000 yen
Study abroad for half a year (master's or doctoral programs): 150,000 yen
* Scholarship payments are limited to one time within the period for completion of the course.

Japan Student Services Organization’s Scholarship System A loan type with obligation to repay the funds

This is a system in which funds are loaned by the Japan Student Services Organization to students who have excellent character and academic skills and who have difficulty studying due to financial reasons. The loan period is within the standard enrollment period.
Note that the income standard for university students is the income of the main earner in your household, but for graduate students, the income is that of the graduate student themselves.

  Application Period Scope of Applicants
Reservation Acceptance Mid-November (to be confirmed) Those who admitted on recommendation or have passed the fall entrance exam
Acceptance during Enrollment Early April All Students Enrolled

(1) Class I scholarship Interest-free Loan

Programs No. of Accepted Applicants
Results for Academic Year 2022
Monthly Loan
Master’s Program 78 50,000 yen / 88,000 yen
Doctoral Program 6 80,000 yen / 122,000 yen
Doctor (Graduate School of Medical Sciences or Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) 2

(2) Class II scholarship Loan with Interest

Programs No. of Accepted Applicants
Results for Academic Year 2022
Monthly Loan
Master’s Program 6 Common to all programs
Doctoral Program 2 50,000 yen / 80,000 yen / 100,000 yen / 130,000 yen / 150,000 yen
Doctor (Graduate School of Medical Sciences or Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

(3) Special Increased Loan at the Time of Admission Loan with Interest

In the first year, those who receive loans from Class I or Class II Scholarships can apply by way of the predetermined procedures for an increased loan only when the loan is first issued.(Select from 100,000 yen, 200,000 yen, 300,000 yen, 400,000 yen, or 500,000 yen)

(4) Emergency Option (Class 1 Scholarship), Urgent Temporary Adoption (Class II Scholarship)

When scholarships are needed in an emergency or as an urgent temporary measure due to sudden changes to your household (the main earner in the household suffers unemployed, bankruptcy, an accident, illness or death, or you are the victim of a disaster such as a fire, storm, or flood, etc.), you may apply for this scholarship. (You may apply within one year from the occurrence of the incident.)

* Payments for both the Class I Scholarship (interest-free loan) and Class II Scholarship (loan with interest) carry with them the obligation to be repaid, however, should the receiving party achieve excellent grades while enrolled at the university and their research achievements gain very high regard, they may be exempted from half or all of the amount to be refunded. For other information, please refer to “Graduate Scholarship System and Joint Education Loans” on the Fukuoka University Graduate School website.

Long-Term Enrollment System

You may use the “Long-term Enrollment System” if it is difficult to enroll under the original standard period of study (two years for the master’s program, three years for the doctoral program) due to circumstances related to work or family, etc.

Under the “Long-Term Enrollment System”, the total amount of tuition fees and so on for the standard enrollment period is paid in proportion to the long-term enrollment period.
(However, note that among the payment of tuition fees in the second year and onward, the “levy” amount may vary slightly.)

Before applying, consult with the relevant faculty (for currently enrolled students, your academic instructor) about courses and research methods during the long-term enrollment period.


Master’s program, Standard duration of enrollment: two years
Master’s program, Maximum duration of enrollment: four years
When applying for the entrance examination, select either three or four years from the time of admission as the long-term enrollment period.
If you wish to be enrolled for three years, you will be required to pay the total amount of tuition for two years in three equal parts every year.
If you wish to be enrolled for four years, you will be required to pay the total amount of tuition for two years in four equal parts every year.

Teaching Assistant Program

This is a system for students who are enrolled in regular courses at our graduate school to receive a more fulfilling education in order to become researchers or faculty members and so on by providing teaching assistance in consideration of education.

Details of Program Educational support for lectures, exercises, practical training, etc. in the master's program at a faculty or graduate school at Fukuoka University.
- Teaching assistance during class
- Advice on the students’ presentations
- Assistance and guidance on writing graduation theses and reports
Work months and allowance, etc. April to July, September to January of next year (except August)
Hourly wage of 1,350 yen (up to 200 hours per year)

Teaching Assistant Program