We have a support system for graduate students who want to test their skills by presenting their research overseas and extend their interactions with foreign researchers. We also have a study abroad system for diligent studying at graduate schools of overseas universities.

Presenting Research Overseas

Support System for Graduate Students Presenting Research Overseas

In order to encourage global academic research, we support students enrolled in regular programs at our graduate school to travel for the purpose of presenting research at academic conferences held overseas.

Scope of Research Presentations
  • Students who present their research (including poster presentations) at international conferences overseas hosted by academic institutions in Japan and abroad.
  • When making joint research presentations, the student himself/herself must be the first author.
No. of People Supported 20 people / year
Frequency of Support Actual expenses paid up to 100,000 yen per person a maximum of one time.

Graduate School of Humanities Educational Research Grant

If approved by your major, you may receive a grant for travel expenses to conference presentations in Japan and overseas.
The maximum is 30,000 yen per time, up to twice a year per person.

Studying Abroad

Fukuoka University’s study abroad system is divided into “Student Exchange”, “Study Abroad” and “Certified Study Abroad”.
If you are interested in studying abroad or wish to study abroad, please consult with a member of staff at the graduate school office in a timely manner.
The process may take a considerable amount of time.

  • Student Exchange
  • Study Abroad
  • Certified Study Abroad

Student Exchange

A study abroad program for half a year or a year based on agreements with overseas partner universities.

Student Exchange between Universities

A study abroad program based on an inter-university student exchange agreement between Fukuoka University and our partner universities.

For details on our partner universities, refer to the International Center’s “List of Partner Universities” (click here). There may, however, be cases where there is no study abroad program at the graduate level even if the column for studying abroad is marked with a circle.

Student Exchange between Faculties

A study abroad program based on an inter-faculty student exchange agreement between our General Post Graduate Committee and a partner university or foreign graduate school.

  • The following universities have inter-faculty agreements with the Graduate School of Humanities.
    • Sun Yat-sen University (China)
    • Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany)
    • The University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
    • Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
  • While you are studying abroad, you will be required to pay the predetermined tuition fees to Fukuoka University, but you may be exempted from paying tuition fees to your host university based on the agreement.
  • Those who receive scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization can receive scholarships while studying abroad.

Study Abroad

A study abroad program based on a student exchange agreement between the Fukuoka University’s General Post Graduate Committee and a foreign graduate school or research institution, etc.

* Currently, there are no exchange hosts for which an agreement has been made.

Certified Study Abroad

Studying abroad at a partner university or studying at a foreign graduate school or research institute accredited by the General Post Graduate Committee, regardless of the student exchange agreement with the partner university.

  • After returning to Japan, credits earned at the host university can be converted into credits acquired at Fukuoka University. Just like with exchange programs, you must discuss the issue thoroughly with an academic advisor beforehand and narrow down a plan for studying abroad.
  • The major difference from an exchange program is that while you are studying abroad, you will be required to pay not only the predetermined tuition fees and so on to Fukuoka University, but also tuition fees to your host university as well.

Classes and Research Guidance while Studying Abroad

Depending on your host university, you may be able to study abroad from the second semester of the master’s program to the first semester of the second year as shown in the figure below. However, before applying, it is necessary to narrow down your study abroad plan after holding thorough discussions with an academic advisor about taking your course at Fukuoka University, taking the course at your host university, and the process of writing your master’s thesis, etc.

Example of Study Abroad Plan (master’s program)

1st year 2nd year
April to August September to March April to August September to March
Fukuoka University Graduate Schools

Study abroad at a partner university

Writing a thesis while receiving guidance by e-mail, etc.
Fukuoka University Graduate School → Completion of courses

Based on graduate school rules, credits earned at host universities are converted to credits that are required for completion of your program at Fukuoka University, up to a maximum of 15 credits. (However, some subjects for which credits were earned at a host university may not be eligible for conversion to credits at Fukuoka University due to their nature.)

A total of 32 credits are required to complete the entire master’s program.
If credits earned at the host university are converted to 15 credits at Fukuoka University, that means 17 credits are required (32 - 15 = 17 credits). If planned carefully, this is the number of credits that can be acquired in the first semester of the first year and the second semester of the second year.